Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gifts of Imperfection - prompts & my Daytimer

After checking my daytimer today I realized that I had some work to do before my Book Club meeting tomorrow.  Brene has given the students of her course follow up work - Stay Awake Journal Prompts - to do until the second half of the book is presented in Part Two of the online course starting in March.  Number one was about finding ways to be supportive of yourself when you are tempted to "suck it up" or "keep on, keeping on".  I went looking back for my comforting activities and put those on my DIG DEEP BUTTON.

I hand lettered the title, the words and illustrated my button using a fine tip Sharpie marker.  After I was finished I added watercolour to the titles.  I will probably go back later and add colour to my illustrations as well.  It will be one of those activities I can choose when I need some down time.  It will be creative yet undemanding.  I did the same for my other pages - lots of lettering and then a bit of watercolour.
Number two concerns connection and being proactive in thanking those who stand for us, with us and provide balance in our lives.  
Number three concerns being aware of ways in which we attach judgement to receiving from others. We cannot freely give to others if we hold judgement about receiving.  If we are attaching judgement to our actions and/or those of others only awareness will bring us to a new way of thinking.
Number four concerns our feelings of being worthy! We need to change our thinking from "I will be worth when......................." to "I am worthy now - not perfect, but worthy because I was born to this time and place".  I arrived worthy and nothing can change that, but I do have a choice to think as I wish. I need to change my mind!!
Number five concerns our definition of LOVE!!  We need to find some action words that define this word for us.

I have filled in my pages and they are ready for my meeting tomorrow!!  I am so grateful for my daytimer - it's a place I can keep track my life and it keeps me ahead of the curve. I keep track of swaps, projects, household responsibilities, my to do list, long range goals, etc.  I am currently using a table in Word Perfect with four columns - date, today's to do list, events and my master list.   I cut and paste items from column to column as needed.  I leave everything that gets done in a day in my second column next to the date and usually include any noteworthy events such as arrivals of swap items, etc.  It is really handy for tracking swaps - finding when I mailed it and who I sent it to.


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