Saturday, June 07, 2014

Gifts of Imperfection - Healing of calm and stillness

 Another couple of pages for my Ecourse  by Brene Brown called the Gifts of Imperfection.
We were tasked with discover what made us feel calm and then finding a photo or photos of those things so this page in our journal would always be a reminder of what we need to do to when we are out of control, exhausted or anxious.  For me, nature does it every time, so I found this green forest photo on line and printed it along with the shadowed words.  I added my other items in the green space.
This page is about the process of creating calm for ourselves.  We could either create a map or use a real one and add our process.  I have a stash of maps and found this one had lots of room for writing which was perfect for adding my path to calm.

It is always good when you can identify a process which you can use to deal with the hectic days and bring yourself back to being calm.


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