Monday, January 05, 2015

Teesha Moore inspired Postcard

I joined a postcard swap on one of my groups!!  The Theme: a raised letter A in Teesha Moore style!!  I started with a 4" x 6" lightly coloured alcohol ink background that I had in my stash.  I used my new Dylusions - Triangles -  stencil which I got for Christmas from my sister to add some texture on the right hand side.  I simply placed it over the background and sponged some inks through the holes - purple, green, teal & blue.

I punched the left hand side with a Fiskars ribbon slot punch, added some doodling around the holes using a fine tip Sharpie and then did all the way around the postcard edges using a wider black permanent marker. It added the contrast I like in my favorite Teesha Moore art. Then, I went looking for elements I could add to my collage.  I started with the chipboard "A" which fit right in and then found a cool sister poem on the gift tag I received from my sister this Christmas (will have to find out where she got it),  a teal coloured glittery heart, a little fairy girl and a couple of butterfly punchies.  These struck my fancy and complimented the colours of my background very nicely!!  I did sponge the poem with the same colours I had used on the stencil to get it to coordinate.
With my elements chosen I gave some thought to how I was going to add words.  Teesha often writes between the lines in her art so I drew wavy lines from the dips on my left hand border and added dots in between.  Really liked that!!  The border needed a bit more colour, so I used a variety of gel pens to colour in all around the slots.   That was better!!
I glued down my sisters poem and used 3D foam tape to adhere my "A" in place.  It needed a bit more contrast so I added some black doodling to it. The poem also needed a bit of something so I added some black dots on three sides and some drops of coordinating nail polish to the right hand side of it.   With those main elements in place I started adding words using a variety of hand lettering with a fine tipped Sharpie marker.  I started by adding "sister" next to my "A" and kept adding words and doodles between the lines.  I did get some inspiration for my lettering from Jenny Doh's book - Creative Lettering.  Once I had filled all the lines, I glued on my butterflies, the glittery heart and the fussy cut little girl.  I found the coordinating fiber in my stash which was off my sister's gift!!  It was so fun that I was able to incorporate so many elements that she gave me into this collage!!!  I tied the end of the fiber into the first slot and then cut it off.  Tied it into a different slot and cut it off.  I repeated the process until I had filled all the slots and no fiber remained - perfect!!  I really love how much texture it adds to the final piece.  I added another 4"x 6" postcard to the back and hand lettered "postcard", added a dividing line and little postage square in the corner.  I am very happy with my postcard!!!  We will be doing monthly postcards on the group - I am looking forward to doing more letters using different techniques.  You can check here to see the "R" postcard I made using the Tim Holtz January Tag as inspiration.
If you received some crafty items for Christmas, dig them out and use them!!  Get creative today!!



  1. Therese,
    Below is the link to the quote I decided said what I wanted to say to you and my other sisters.

  2. this is really terrific - I love it!


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