Sunday, January 31, 2016

A flapper fabric postcard in teal, pink and gold

On my fabric postcard group I joined a swap for January that was themed :  Teal, pink and gold!!  Very close to my favorite colours so I signed up to play!!!  I decided to use small scraps of fabric and create some flaps on the bottom portion of my teal postcard.  They were cut to 1/2" wide and I cut them to 1.5" in length and lined a group of them across the bottom of my teal fabric then stitched them into place with my sewing machine.  I placed another row above them overlapping the first row.  I also offset them just a bit and stitched that set into place. I really like this glittery butterfly fabric and the colours were all keeping with the theme.  I found a pink ribbon that coordinated, positioned it above my stitch line and stitched it into place tucking the ends underneath before stitching.  I added a layer of batting to the back and added wavy lines on the top portion and then again a few lines of stitching below the flaps to keep the batting in place.  I used fusible webbing to add an interfacing layer as well as a white backer.  I decided to create a button to introduce the gold.  I used plastic packaging, some gold foil  and several layers of fabric to create my 3D embellishment.  You can check out the tutorial I created that outlines the process of making this collage button here.  I used pink thread to sew my button embellishment to the front of my postcard.  Really happy with how this all worked out.  I was really hoping to add some beading but it seems finished just the way it is, so I anticipate that I will not be adding any.  The teal layer was large enough to fold over twice to the back and then I simple hand stitched the border in place to finish off the back of the postcard.  It will be off to my partner very soon.  


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