Thursday, January 07, 2016

A fun card with a star theme!

I made this card for a friend who has a birthday soon!!  I started with a collage scrap paper background I made a while back.  I used the other half for this card.   I added some burnt orange cardstock to the back then added a piece of brown vintage seam binding to the upper portion adhering both ends to the back using double sided tape.  I tied on a short length to simulate a bow.  I added my layered focal element over the seam binding to the left of the "bow". I created the focal element by layering a brown and gold textured circle of paper below a gold round punchie which was die cut with a star.  I also snipped the edges of the paper circle to give it a bit more texture.  To create the star accent I punched two circles (1.25"), layered them and used a star die (SX) to cut out the star from the center of them   I then layered the silver star in the gold punchie for this card.  I have a gold star in a silver punchie to use on another card.  I layered this whole element onto a beige card front which I had altered with some sponging and stippling with dark brown ink.  I added a layered laser printed greeting which I created using a window punchie (SU) and an orange modern label punchie (SU).
Can you guess what the brown paper circle was before it became part of the focal element for this card???? Leave me a comment with your guess!!  I will be checking regularly and will leave a few hints if it takes too long for you guys to guess.  
Looking forward to your guesses!!!
January 11 - Thanks to CraftyD for her guess!!  A cupcake liner is close but not quite there.  Here is a hint - it has housed a tasty treat!!
January 18 - Just wanted you all to know that I have posted a collage button tutorial and it uses another of the items that housed this tasty treat!!  You can check out the tutorial and the other item here.
January 22 - Sylvia has correctly guessed!!  It is the paper wrapper from Ferraro Rocher chocolates!! Needless to say, I have a little collection from Christmas!!
Thanks to everyone for taking the time to leave a comment.



  1. Cute card, the brown paper circle looks like a cupcake liner.

  2. Therese, Based on the size I think it's a Ferraro Rocher chocolate liner. Sylvia D.


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