Saturday, November 05, 2016

Christmas cards - embossed images combined with greetings

 These are part of the second set of cards we created at the classes yesterday.  I used five small Sizzix embossing folders which I have not used very much if at all since I bought them.  I see that I have one missing - the little Christmas tree!!
I cut 8.5" x 11 colour printed papers into four and trimmed them to 4" x 5.25", found coordinating cardstock for the cards and then some coordinating 1/8" ribbon.  It took a couple of times to create the rectangles for embossing with the greeting in exactly the right place so that I could emboss the top, add the ribbon over the greeting, trim the bottom with decorative scissors and have everything balanced. Once I worked it out I printed the greetings on neutral cardstock - white or ivory to coordinate with my decorative papers.  Next, I embossed them two at a time with my Big Shot and trimmed the bottom edge with the scalloped scissors.  Each kit included a card, decorative paper, an embossed image, ribbon, an insert with a saying in an envelope.  The participants glued the decorative paper to the front of the folded card leaving a even margin all the way around.  Next, they had to adhere the ribbon below the embossed image, trim the long end off, and tie the leftover piece onto the front to simulate a bow.  Next they used a push pin with a foam to pierce each little scallop.  I forgot this step on one of mine.  This focal element was then glued to the front of the card over the decorative paper.  Again, there was much creativity applied to the process of designing the cards which is one of the reasons I love to teach - I learn so much from those who come to learn from me.
Again, I used a wide variety of papers so the cards easily differentiated.   Because I had provided portrait inserts most created portrait cards but there were a few who when they came to put in their insert discovered they had created landscape cards. No problem, I had printed spare inserts in both formats so that if this situation arose, I could simply provide them an insert that was appropriate to their design.
UPDATE:  Had another small class with these kits so I changed the focal element so the cards would not be the same.  I used a triple embossing die which produces three images.  I choose to use the ornament one as it fit nicely with this card design.  I printed the greeting on the same size cardstock as for the Merry Christmas/Joy to the World ones and simply glued the little embossed ornament to the top.  Worked out really well!!


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