Saturday, March 11, 2017

Little fabric collages

Inspired by some online fabric postcards I decided to create some fabric collages that I could cut up to create little shapes for sewing to fabric postcards.  I started with some waist band fusible pellon which I bought at a thrift store.  I trimmed four pieces about 10" x 1.25", laid them one at a time fusible facing up on my ironing board and started applying tiny fabric scraps and tack fusing them into place with the iron.  I just kept adding scraps in a variety of directions and colours until the whole piece was covered with fabric.  Then I really applied the iron over the whole surface to ensure that everything was fused properly.  Repeated the same procedure for the remaing three pieces.  Because I wanted the small pieces I trimmed out of these strips to really be collaged it required very small pieces of fabric - some were as small as 1/8" by 1".
 I am very happy with how that worked out and with the fusible on only the one side of the pellon it worked very well to tack the little pieces into place.  Once I had finished the fusing I thought I would add some interest by stitching all over them with thread.  I used what I had - ends of spools, etc that had colours that coordinating a bit.  I mostly stitched along the length but did a few very wavy lines to add interest.  I pressed them all nicely once the stitching was done.  Stitching has added some stability to the pieces and they cut apart quite nicely to create some very nice little fabric collages.  You can see all the ones I created with my four strips below.  They are approximately 1.25"x 1.25".  I will be using these for at least one or two fabric postcards and I will  have leftovers for other fabric projects - maybe an art quiltie or two!!                  Therese

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