Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sticky note birdie on this card!

Who doesn't love cute little birds??  This one is a sticky note!!  My sister is always on the look out for cool embellishments for her cards and found these a while back.  She gave me a few and this might be the first I have used of them!!  I started by stamping the greeting in the lower right hand corner in dark blue ink on my white layer.  I embossed distressed lines above that and added a rectangle of striped decorative paper to the left of this. The little bird was the perfect colour so I added a bit more glue and positioned him in the middle of the card.  I used a black permanent marker to draw him a pair of legs.  I added a tiny black brad for the eye and trimmed a tiny scrap of yellow to create a beak.  He was looking pretty good but a wing would add some dimension!!  I remembered my paisley punch - it would make a great wing!!!!  It sure did so I finished him off with a fancy white wing!!
Love how it turned out!!


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