Thursday, March 01, 2007

A new set of cards I created with my donated envelopes!! It was a challenge to use a different format. Two of the cards use stamped images (tulip and butterfly) but the others use images recycled from old greeting cards. One of the girls that came to my SU party likes to use old greeting cards to create her cards so I went through the bagful I received last fall and put together a package for her. While I was in the process, I decided to give it a try being as I had never recycled a card in that way before. It worked out well though it took some time to pick out images that would suit the rectangular format I was using for these cards.

I was careful not to pass on any cards that had personal information or writing from the ones that had been donated to me.

So another source of card creating fun - all the cards that others (who have not been converted to making their own) send you!!

Have a creative day!!


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  1. Hi, Therese! Just dropped by to see your updated blog. Recycling old cards for art is a great idea! Do drop in to my blog sometime.


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