Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fat book page

This is my fat book page for the This & That mingle on one of my email lists!! I truly enjoy the challenge of this mingle with its wide range of themes! As you can see I chose to do a page on Florence Nightingale! With only a small amount of reasearch it is evident that she was an incredible woman with much vision, passion and tenacity.
I folded an 8.5 x 4 piece of cardstock which I had printed with the title "The Lady with the Lamp" and the quote to create a receptacle for my tags. Each tag has a few facts about Florence's life. On the back an image of her as a young woman with a quote.
We have such incredible inspiration in those who have come before us!! A woman who lived her calling even in the face of rejection. That we should all be inspired to face our challenges with courage!!
Be creative!!

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