Tuesday, September 04, 2007

More pages!! I did make a few extra!

Upper left - children's theme. The saying is "Be as children". I cut out a letter from a magazine for the B and hand lettered the rest with a gold gel pen. The colour printed image is trimmed with a yellow strip of cardstock in behind to line up with the curtains in the image. I stamped "DREAM" with my Rummage magnetic stamp set. Added some stars in the upper part with my SU stipple stamp. Sure is a handy little stamp for so many situations.

Upper right - nature theme. Another collage with very similar elements as the rose one below. Added the lady bug sticker because it just needed "something"!

Lower left - quotation theme. Just found that the image and the quote worked well together and did not need much more. I added a few stamped flourishes around the edges of the image!! Done!!

Lower right - birds theme! Discovered I do not have too many bird images or stamps!! The wording, the birds on the branch and the flourishes are all printed on a transparency! I was careful to place the third brad not too close to the left hand side so they would not intefere with binding. I am not sure what I will use to bind my pages and I am hoping that others will share their techniques. Some of the pages I have already received have elements very near the left edge which would be damaged if I used my Ceralox binding machine!


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