Saturday, September 13, 2008

Refurbished cards

I have been refurbishing some cards for donating to a local resource center! These cards are commercial cards that were donated to me by a member of the community. I have a box of commercial envelopes that were donated to me by one of the girls on one my stamping group which I rummaged through to house the refurbished cards. It is sometimes a challenge to get the cards to fit in the envelopes I have available but on average I can make it work.
I also refurbish all the handmade cards I get through exchanges and swaps to donate to this center. They really appreciate having nice thank you cards for sending to the different organizations and individuals that donate items, time or resources to their events and well as having some personal cards for their outreach programs.
I file the cards by seasons and donate them in season so they can use them appropriately. Just donated my fall ones on Thursday and will be working on Winter and Christmas ones next. There is a local person who will be sending Christmas cards to the soldiers in Afghanistan who is looking for cards so I will donate some to her cause as well.
I enjoy this process because requires less time and brain power than making cards from scratch, keeps a lot of paper from the landfill and gives them all a second life to bless someone else!

Consider refurbishing the commercial cards you receive and donating them to a worthy cause - a seniors home, a non profit organization or as small prizes for fundraising for a group to which you belong. Be creative!!


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