Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Art - Cardmaking - Altered

We played with some altering techniques for this card. Stamped harlequin background (SU) onto the card front as well as onto an old book page with walnut ink. Trimmed the page to fit on the front of the card. I created a torn edge on the right hand side. Over this I layered a transparency which I printed with my laser printer and some images from the internet. This leaf one is from Trish Bayley. I also used a light house, a woman with a child, the Eiffel tower (Brenda Braun) and a scene with an old automobile!! To allow the transparency to be altered I sanded the back side so it would also accept walnut ink. Everyone enjoyed the process of adding walnut ink to their pieces!! You could use acrylic paints or pads and/or reinkers instead of walnut ink. Certainly using a different colour would give the card a totally different look. I used some new double sided tape on the back in the dark areas and it did not show at all on the front side. To secure it on the bottom corner I overlayered a book plate with greeting and attached it with brads. Added another brad to the other corner to have it well attached. It is fun to alter items and add them to your cards. The bookplate was cut from silver foil which I sanded and painted with burnt umber acrylic paint. I sealed the paint with clear acrylic finish to make it more permanent. Try your hand at altering some of your regular supplies to get a more antique look.


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