Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Art - Chunky ATC boxes!!

I created these boxes with the Chunky ATCs in the following post!! I cut and scored a panel of poster board to which we (students and I) Modge Podged tissue paper and/or napkins. On the lower one I wish I had used a more neutral and lighter tissue paper as the bottom layer which would have been a better canvas for the flowers I glued over it. I had not fully realized how transparent the napkin images were going to be after being applied with Modge Podge over the tissue layer. Live and learn!!
The panel is attached with thumb tacks to the sides of the chunky ATCs to create a box with a lid!! Glued beads onto the bottom to create feet. Added two brads with circles to create a quick and easy tie to keep the box closed. Of course, the box is the perfect size for storing ATCs which is what the students and I were creating this week!!

It has been a total blast to come up with interesting and creative art projects for these students and they have been great at getting into it and working with the supplies to make the projects their own.


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