Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Art - Chunky ATCs

Chunky ATCs!! I read about these in Somerset Workshop - Autumn 2008 recently. (Purchased for me by my DH - love him!! He picked it up because the cover looked like things I would enjoy!! Love him more!!) Audrey Hernandez talks about listening to her SO speak of 2x4s and later measuring a scrap to find out it was 3.5"!! Needless to say she ordered one 2x4 cut into 2.5" pieces which gave her 40 chunky ATCs for $2.75!!!

With my DH being a woodworker I thought I would ask for scraps of 2x4s cut to 2.5" and have a go with this for a class with my students. In the end, he had 1x4 scraps instead of 2x4 scraps which I said would be fine!! I am blessed that he was careful to pick only ones that were smooth and power sanded them for me!!!! (love him more!!)
So I primed these great little canvases for art and had my students create chunky ATCs with them using Modge Podge and tissue paper/napkins images which were quick and easy! We added the dimensional elements the next day with hot glue. You can check the previous post to see the boxes we made with the ATCs we made!!

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