Friday, July 24, 2009

Refurbished cards for donation

WOW!! I just counted the cards I have refurbished in the last week and it is almost 100!!! The job of refurbishing cards is really easy when there is an insert in the card. I just remove the old one and insert a new one, add a new envelope and the card is ready for donation. This method also preserves the person's artwork and credits!! So if you are making cards I would like to recommend that you start adding inserts - makes adding your message really easy because the insert is a light neutral colour (I use white or ivory) and it makes reusing the card very easy!!
The majority of these are A2 sized handmade cards I have recieved in exchanges or swaps. The others are commercial cards I received from a fellow cardmaker which I have refurbished. I have envelopes donated by another fellow cardmaker which makes refurbishing these cards easier too. The commercial ones are usually large and the larger envelopes make it much easier to make them ready to be used again!! I like the commercial ones especially for sympathy cards because they have such wonderful images!! These will be going tomy local family resource center to use as they see fit - to cheer someone who needs it, for special occasions among the volunteers, for thanking those who contribute time, goods and money for all the worthwhile programs they run, and for the families who have suffered the loss of a loved one!!

So remember, add inserts to your cards!!! It is the green thing to do!!


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