Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Art - Christmas cards - sparkly tree

This was my first card for my large Christmas class the first weekend of November!! I started with this stunning green, red and silver handmade paper from India (100% cotton). I cut the 12x12 sheet into triangles by marking off 4" for the height of the tree and then 3" for the width of the tree on the back of the paper. Then I drew lines to join the marks which gave me over 20 trees per sheet of paper!! I gave each one a little brown tree trunk and glued it to an embossed (Swiss Dot) red layer which had been trimmed to evenly fit on the white card front. Added a silver star punchie and a stamped greeting which I attached with two silver brads. I ripped the edges of the white greeting but I could have used decorative scissors instead. Worked out really well!! A fairly easy card if you are wanting to make a batch of them for your holiday greetings this year!!

It is time to be thinking about getting those done. I brought music and everyone enjoyed the morning making their cards!! It is great to have some time to make all the cards in one sitting and they are ready to be signed, addressed and sent along their way.

Check out the new postage stamps for this season! Went on sale at the beginning of November! Buy them soon!!


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