Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cardmaking - Jan - vellum envelope

These cards feature a cute little envelope that holds a little heart tag - another place you can put a little surprise!! The vellum envelope is easy to make and I added a little ribbon pull between the heart and the little square card which makes removing it easier. A little bling too!!

Vellum envelope: You need a square piece of paper. I used a 3" square of vellum which made an envelope just slightly larger than 2" square. You need to mark the center of each edge. Use a rule or do what I do. Fold each side in half and SLIGHTLY crease the fold ONLY at the edge. Vellum marks very easily. Now fold to the center one point and fold it from one mark to the next. If you wish, you can GENTLY score the line before you fold the point in. Now, fold two more points to the center which will give you a little envelope pocket which you can fill with fun stuff!! You will need to hold the points down with something - I usually use a little sticker but in this case I wanted the little heart tag to really show so I used a band of vellum which I attached to the back.
For reference: 4.25" square makes a 3" envelope

Make these appropriate for any occasion by changing up the decorative paper and the colour of the heart and tag!!


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  1. pretty. like the way the heart glows through the vellum. nice touch with the little pull out ribbon


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