Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cards as silent auction prizes!

I packaged some cards to donate as silent auction prizes to a high school student who is raising money for a humanitarian trip. It is always a struggle to find a way to present the cards so they can be seen and appreciated without getting them looking ratty because of all the handling they get.
This time I packaged two cards back to back in a cellophane envelope and sealed it. Did up three more for a total of eight cards. I stapled the cello envelopes together and added a header which included contact information which I attached with a piece of ribbon using a bit of a book binding technique. The cards are all visible and the whole thing stands like a book which is better for presentation than having them flat on a table.
I hope they will fetch a reasonable price at their event on Saturday!!
This has, so far, been the best presentation for cards I have been able to come up with that allows the cards to be seen and not get damaged from the handling. Not necessarily "pretty" but effective. Will keep working on "pretty" because that would be a good feature to have as well.


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