Monday, May 31, 2010

Cards, cards, cards - May 29 - 3D elements

The first set of cards for my All Occasions card class on Saturday!! All the same sketch but each features a different 3D element - heart, butterfly, dragonfly and flower.
The blue butterfly - this is a plastic die cut which I cut from packaging then painted with transparent acrylic paint (sun catcher paint). I coloured the bodies with a black permanent marker on the back side. This gave them a pretty sharp look and conveniently gave me a place to put some 3D foam tape to attach them to the card. Bent back the wings a bit for a really cool 3D look. The ribbon is attached to the embossed layer which is trimmed to the embossed edge. Thrifty tip: Attach your ribbon straight across your layer and glue ends to the back. Then cut a piece of 2-3" and tie to the straight ribbon on the front with a single knot. You always get it right!!
The red heart - this is cut from a sweater!! Had this favorite red sweater for years but it eventually became a little stretched and was wearing at the bottom of the sleeves so it was ready to be discarded. Found it again the other day and thought it would be great for cardmaking!! To stabilize the stitching I attached Heat n Bond to the back and then die cut the hearts!! Love them!! Tied on a little clear heart (packaging) with white fiber!! Attached with double sided tape.
The other two elements were a vellum dragonfly and a die cut flower. I painted the wings of the dragonfly with nail polish!!!!! How fun!! They turned out translucent and shimmery just like them should be!!! Attached it with 3D foam tape as well to give the card some dimension. The flower element was cut from double sided colour printed cardstock and layered. These were also attached with 3D foam tape.
One sketch - four different cards by changing up the colours and the accent.


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