Friday, July 02, 2010

Baby Neomie!!

Oh my goodness!! Our new granddaughter!! We spent last week out west with my daughter and son in law and their little family!! She is an awesome little human being - eating, sleeping and hanging out with her big brother and anyone else who is willing to spend some time chillin'. It was so great to see them all and a blessing to reconnect and just spend time with them.
I made 60 of these baby announcements in one day!! (Correction: I tied the fiber on them once I was there). I had a very tight self imposed deadline -had a plane to catch!! Designed the whole thing in a layout program (Corel Draw) and double side colour laser printed it on cardstock with my new printer!! Got to love new tools!! I know exactly how DH feels when he has the right tool for the job and all goes smoothly. Once printed, I punched the hole so her cute little face would peek through the front. Tied some baby pink fiber to the left hand side which added just that little bit of 3D texture to the design. All the details were printed inside leaving some room for a message.

If you can hug your kids, your Mom, your sister, everyone - do it today!!!


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