Sunday, June 20, 2010

Christmas - June - merry and bright

I just loved this colour combination when I was putting together cardstock collections in Cleveland!! I was digging through my embellishment drawer looking for stars when I came across these bright green confetti circles!! Done!! They were a perfect match for the green cardstock so I created this little accent piece which I colour printed. It features three little ribbons, a line and the "merry & bright" greeting. Took a few tries to get the colours to match the cardstock perfectly. I love it!! My own little digital stamp!! I glued the "ornaments" - two red punchies and the green confetti - in place, rounded the corners on the element, the layer and the card front and assembled it all with a scrap strip I added because it was sitting on my desk!! I added some paper piercing to the layer and the strip!! These are great textured cardstocks which did not need to much else to make this card work!!

So a few more Christmas cards to add to the collection I have started with several of the cards I have created from the Christmas card challenges I have taken on!! I am a bit behind but am hoping to catch up over the month of July which so far has very little "to do" in it!!

Enjoy your summer!! Do something special for yourself - coffee on the deck, a few more cards, a day of inspiration in nature at the lake or local park. You create your life so take the time to make it special for yourself!!


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