Sunday, January 30, 2011

Technique book pages - emboss resist

Emboss resist!! Yet more fun making backgrounds!! I investigated what could be done using embossing ink and powder to provide a resist when creating backgrounds. The one on the left was created on glossy paper using clear embossing ink (Versamark) and clear embossing powder with several layers of acrylic paint colour washes over it. It took a little elbow grease to remove the acrylic paint from the embossed area though I found it easier if the paint had not dried for too long. A slightly damp tissue on the heavily embossed areas cleaned them up nicely.

Here are all the pages I created for the swap using clear embossing ink and clear powder! Top row - a rubber stamped image with acrylic paint colour washes, an inked stencil stamped on white tissue paper with an acrylic paint wash, a rubber stamped image with an acrylic colour wash. Row two - rubber stamped image on yellow cardstock covered with brown dye ink, rubber stamped image with acrylic paint colour wash, rubber stamped image on white cardstock with watercolour washes. Row three - decorative paper inked through a stencil and an acrylic colour wash, rubber stamped image on a book page with watercolour washes, rubber stamped image with acrylic colour washes.
I found that when using watercolour it was best to let the colour dry well before removing the colour accumulated on the embossing and using a damp cloth reactivated the colour and often removed much of it, so was not helpful. I have quite a few rejects that did not give me look I was going for but were interesting in their own right. Glossy calendar pages were very challenging and in the end I just gave up because even acrylic paint wiped off that glossy surface - who knew!!
So after a week of doing research and playing with background techniques I have my pages complete and ready to be mailed out!!!!!!!

I hope you will consider trying a few of them and making a few cards for your stash!!



  1. Gorgeous pages, thanks for the inspiration.


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