Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cardmaking - Feb - quilt card

Have been wanting to make a paper quilt card for a while and when I discovered a tutorial on Splitcoast Stampers I checked it out!! It was beautiful but I anticipated that cutting squares into triangles might be too much for Cardmaking so I started searching for patterns that were a little less complicated and decided on the log cabin design which just uses strips!! To keep the square within the 4.25" of a regular card I had to modify the design a bit to allow for the use of 3/4" strips. The 3/4" strips are easy to cut with my cutter as that it the width of the cutting blade support - just tuck in and cut!! So in the end, my quilt square is a quarter of the log cabin design. It uses darks and lights to each side of the "hearth" - in my case the yellow or red square on the lower right hand side.
I started by emptying my bin of decorative paper scraps onto the table and started sorting them into colour families and within each of those a stack of each - darks and lights. Patterns like gingham which were too much of each I just eliminated to make the task easier. Then I cut a LOT of strips and started piecing squares!!
You can see on the top one that I used lights and darks of four different colours - green, blue, purple and red and made my hearth yellow. For the lower one, I used the same colour family and used lights and darks that coordinated and a little red square for my hearth. Both options work pretty well.
It works best to use a piece of scrap paper as the support for your paper quilt - in this case I used a 3.75" square. I glued the longest light on the left hand side first - even with the corner and the outside edge. Then, I glued the longest dark along the top just butted up against the light one and even with the top edge. Next, another light one - butted into the corner created by the first two and just kept adding light, dark, etc until I finally glued on my little hearth square. I left the strips hanging off the edges which also meant that I did not have to measure anything - too easy. Once everything was glued down I just took the whole thing to my cutter and trimmed the overhanging ends to be even with my hearth square on both sides. I embossed my quilt using an embossing folder which added texture and helped unite the pieces into a whole - like hand quilting would.
I layered my paper quilt square onto black which helped make the colours pop and then onto my card front. I added a layered greeting and a little paper button!! Also added some paper piercing along the edge of my quilt square!!
So if you have been meaning to try paper quilting give this one a try. I found this pattern fairly easy to manage and though it isn't as pretty as the one on Splitcoast it was a good choice for my first paper quilt.


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  1. These are beautiful and the embossing adds a lot to the finished look. Great job!


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