Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cardmaking - June - punchies

I created some quick cards that would be easy to replicate for those who are wanting to give cards as gifts for teachers, etc!!
This is really quick!! You need twelve 1" punchies of decorative paper/cardstock and a vellum greeting! The vellum greeting has vellum adhesive - nice clean look. The vellum adhesive is made by Fiskars and is called "Vellum glue dot film". It is invisible so it was very hard to "see"where it was but I eventually got the hang of putting my little vellum greeting punchies on the proper side of the plastic sheet so the adhesive could be transferred to the vellum. It works well when you get it where you want it - my trouble was that I got it some places where I didn't want it - like my fingers!! I ended up with vellum punchies with adhesive on both sides and things stuck to my fingers!! The adhesive was easily removed by rubbing with an eraser so that was good!! It works pretty well on these small shapes - not sure how effective it would be on a large area.
Don't have vellum? Consider just leaving off one or two punchies and stamping a greeting instead. Embellish the card front with paper piercing or markers to add some interest. Without a greeting they make perfect note cards!!!

Consider getting some card gift packs ready over the summer when you have a bit more time!! Perfect as hostess gifts any time of the year!!


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