Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cardmaking - June - sail boats

Cute little sail boats!!! I saw a similar card on Splitcoast and worked out how to make the little sail boat using a circle punchie and a rectangle of decorative paper!!
For the boat I used half of a 1.75" punchie (SU) for the bottom.

I used a 1.25" x 1.5" rectangle of decorative paper for the sails. First I cut it diagonally - that created the large sail. Rotated the second triangle until the right angles lined up and then trimmed the long side again to shorten the sail so it was
balanced in compared to the large one!!
Check out the diagram for a visual which shows what I did more clearly!!
I cut a little red triangle to be used at the very top of the sails! these were glued to a white layer that had a laser printed greeting. Some chose to create on the blank side instead so they could add their own greeting or just added bit of a wavy line instead!! One person added some seagulls too!! Very creative!!

Thrifty tip: See those cool "ticket" corners?? I cut those with my half inch punch!! Simply insert the corner of your layer into the punch until you have as much showing as you want to snip off!! To be able to make all four corners the same you need to have a gauge!! I created a gauge by marking the bottom of the valleys on the inside of my punch mechanism with a sharpie marker!! See the image farthest on the left. It works really well. This morning as I was taking photos I see that the punch has markings (bumps) - center top and center on both sides. You could use these to line up your paper to make your snips even!! See the arrows on the right hand image - they are pointing to the little markings on your punch that indicate the center of the punch!! That works too!!
Have you found ways of using your tools to do more than they were designed to?? Look forward to hearing from you!!


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