Monday, July 25, 2011

Handmade paper - large, medium and small

A full day of papermaking with friends!!
I started the day with a couple of friends and we made medium sheets using several different batches of brightly coloured pulps - blue, pink, turquoise and yellow - accented with paper confetti!! I put the paper onto screens which I placed outside on the patio to dry - it was HOT here on Friday!!
Took a break for lunch and checked out my friend's brand newly finished craft room!! It is great -LOTS of beautiful antique white cabinets with black handles, a nicely mottled black wrap around counter top and sunshine yellow paint! An easy clean flooring that looks like white washed wide pine boards on the floor!! The large windows have beautiful blinds and let in a lot of light. She is just starting to move in all of her craft stuff and then will be spending a bit of time getting it all sorted out!!
In the afternoon, I had a small friend over to make small sheets of handmade paper!! She really enjoyed the process and took home 3 sheet of each colour which we will use later for making cards!!
After supper, I finished off the leftovers and the one batch of blue we did not get to in the morning using my large mould and deckle!!
The paper is all dry and needs to be pressed. I love the colours!!
I used scraps of SU cardstock that has been donated to me by two SU demos which they have collected from their demonstrations and home parties!! You can check out their websites here and here! The new catalog came out on July 1st and you can check it out here!!
My sister will be visiting soon and I am looking forward to making a few more sheets with her!!


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  1. Oh what fun Therese, your papers look fabulous. Never tried this but makes me tempted to.
    I am sure the hot weather helped it to dry, at least something good came out of the heat.
    Show us some cards when you get some done, would love to see the results.
    TTFN, Lesley


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