Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More handmade paper!!

More handmade paper!! It has been hot so it has been good for drying it!! I made these sheets with Christmas cards in mind! The first photo is a close up of the surface of the paper along with a sample of the kind of gift wrap I used to get the sparkles in my paper! On a whim, last year, I cut up and blended some of this glittery prisamatic paper in hopes of getting some silvery accents in my paper and to my surprise I got a clear glitter instead!! The paper looks like glistening snow!!

You can see in this photo that I made four colours of this snow paper - lilac, aqua, pink and blue!! If you take a closer look (click on the photo) you will also see that I have added white paper confetti to these papers to really make them look like there is snow falling!!
So I will be creating a Christmas card for one of my stack classes this fall using this paper!! I am loving the look!!!

So I will be saving any of this paper that shows up on presents at Christmas this year!! If you are a papermaker consider giving this a try - I know you will love the results. The base pulp for these handmade paper sheets is cardstock and white bond which gave me some nice pastel colours. Check my previous post or click here to see what the colours look like full strength.


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  1. AWESOME looking papers Therese!
    THANKS for showing all of them.


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