Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Botanical handmade papers!

These are the papers I finished off by the end of the day!! These have botanical additions (grass, flower petals and herbal teas) as well as cardstock confetti.
The yellow batch has orange day lily flowers in it. They were dry so I soaked them, blended them well and added them to the slurry!! A bit of grass and some herbal tea for interest and I was good to go.
I did incorporate a few "ends of batches" into these paper as well. It is always fun to see what you get when you mix colours and batches.

These will do well in my card making in the spring when I am looking for colour!



  1. Wow Therese, these are wonderful. Today was a good day for drying. My question to you, how do you make a sheet of paper, do you pat the pulp down on the screen, how do you make sure there are no holes in your sheet? Do you have a tutorial? I would love to try this.
    Happy creating, Lesley

  2. Your papers are wonderful Therese, and I think they will make beautiful cards when you come to use them. You've got some very interesting finishes and the mix of colour is great. I've enjoyed having a little look around your blog this evening... I followed your link from Card Camp.


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