Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Embossed handmade paper

I had a pail full of turquoise paper pulp and had just finished making glittery snow falling paper so I thought I would see what I could do to make some embossed paper!!
I hand stitched a bunch of fun foam snowflakes to a handiwipe using fine clear plastic thread, wet it and laid it on my couching surface. I used my mould and deckle to form a large sheet of handmade paper and couched it right over top of my new snowflake embossing surface. It worked very well!!
The snowflakes did not stick to the handmade paper so it easily lifted off the surface leaving beautiful embossed snowflakes in the paper!! Once the paper is dry, the embossed design is permanently part of the paper. I have a stack of these light turquoise papers which will be great for making Christmas cards!!!

I am imagining the possibilities for creating embossing surfaces using other types of materials, die cuts, etc!! I can see that there are more embossed handmade papers in my future!!


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