Monday, August 22, 2011

Beeswax collage - friends

Have been visiting with my friend, Linda!! It is so wonderful to have creative friends that you can have play dates with!! We played with beewax and came up with several collages!!
Here is my first one! I brought along some 4" masonite squares and we started with those. I layered some small collage images - Eiffel Tower, bottle of wine on an elegant table, an old trunk and an old clock face (scrap bin) over an embossed panel and a handmade paper background which were all layered onto the tile using beeswax. We painted our tiles with white gesso before we started to help with the reflection of light through the layers. Really glad we did because it turned out a bit on the dark side because of the elements I used. Finally, I added some words which I layered onto white bond so they would be clearly visible and a copper eyelet to the center of the clock. I like to have at least one 3D element to add a bit of dimension though I was able to add a fair amount of texture to the wax using my little clover leaf mini iron. Once I was happy with my collage I added wax to the edges and highlighted the whole thing with copper Pearl Ex -sides as well. The Pearl Ex really brings out the texture in the beeswax. I had predrilled holes, so it was easy to add a wire hanger and some beads to finish it off!!
I am using a small crock pot to melt my wax and a natural bristle brush to add the wax to my collage pieces and substrate. We used both a heat gun and the mini iron to help encase our elements into the beeswax surface we had created when adding our backgrounds. I am melting ivory beeswax sheets in my crockpot and Linda was using Ranger Beewax in her Ranger Melting Pot with an insert. Both work perfectly well!!

We experimented with coasters next!!


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