Monday, August 22, 2011

More beeswax!

What is better than one friend and a play date?? Two friends and play date, of course!! We visited with Marg a few days later and brought along our beeswax collage box of goodies and played all day!! I started with this collage which I created on a chipboard coaster - be on the look out at garage sales, etc for these -they are perfect little canvases!! This one was ivory so I just created on the back side. First, I applied some beeswax and layered in a piece of paper napkin that coordinated with the woman's dress and added the script and edging (paper napkin). I cut out and layered in the woman who was printed on cardstock which helped her stand out and not be transparent like the paper napkin images which had been separated into single layers and were very transparent after the application of beeswax. The paper napkin rose and words on bond paper were added afterwards. Again, I applied beeswax to the edges of the coaster and applied gold Pearl EX to the whole thing. Marg suggested buffing with pantihose afterwards and it REALLY makes the whole collage very transparent and shiny!! Really happy with the way it turned out!!
This was my second attempt!! Went with a bit of a steampunk look!! Started with some copper and black mesh from Magenta, added some blue paper napkin over that, then added my cut out collage images - map, tower, clock face over medallion, portrait and little man. This time, I added texture by using a rubber stamp!! I added a pool of wax over the map, heated it with a heat gun until all molten and then placed my stamp into the wax. I had added embossing ink to the stamp - rubbed it into the surface so that all the rubber was covered - before placing it in the wax. When the wax had cooled the stamp came off very easily but you do have to wait for the wax to cool before removing the stamp. Instant texture!! I added a small copper gear as my little 3D embellishement and I was done. Added beeswax to the edges and copper Pearl EX as usual. The Pearl Ex really highlighted the texture I added using the stamp!! A little buffing with the pantihose and I was done!! Really happy with this one too!!

UPDATE: I finished off this beeswax collage today for submission for an Art Lottery I am participating in!!
I cut a brown circular backer for it and glued it in place with double sided tape and glue to be sure it would stay in place. I punched two holes and set copper eyelets in each one to accommodate a hanger. Added a short piece of black 3/8" gros grain ribbon as a hanger.It finished it off quite nicely!!


After a wonderful lunch - Thanks Marg!! I created this little collage. I was experimenting with adding colour using wax crayons and the little mini iron! Works like a darn!! It will take a little practice to get the coloured wax nicely blended and dripped where I want it!!
For my first try, I am happy with the results. Realized as well that elements can be attached with drops of wax - coloured or otherwise. Adding colour takes a bit of planning and is a little harder to remove completely!!
All in all, a great day of projects and learning as you go!! It was great to have others playing at the same time, comparing notes and seeing what others were doing!! I will be relegating a pair of pantihose to my craft room to be used with beeswax. They are a little lonely in the drawer anyway!!
Nights are getting much cooler and the days are comfortable!! The seasons are changing!! So are the trees here and there!!
Enjoy the last bits of summer and play a little with your friends!!



  1. We had lots of fun that's for sure! And I love your beeswax creations!

  2. These are great. Love working with wax.


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