Thursday, March 01, 2012

Zentangle shrink plastic charm

We created shrink plastic charms today!  I had each student created a Zentangle design on their shrink plastic using a fine tip Sharpie marker. Once they were finished, they punched a hole in the top and used the heat gun to shrink them!  They were all amazed at how much wiggling the shrink plastic does as it shrinks and how cool their designs looked reduced in size!  We attached the charm to the cording and added it to our layered handmade paper sheets by punching holes and tying a double knot on the back.  These were fairly time consuming but worth it because it is original art and a fun experience for the students!!



  1. This looks like really high end art! Fantastic!

  2. lots of fun. I love shrink plastic, but usually only stamp and color it. Never really got in to the time consuming Zentangle designing on it.

  3. Might has well have a complete visit... this creation is beautiful, simple and delicate. I love this!

  4. I love all your ART & calendar pages, I would love to be one of your students. I hope they appreciate you!!!
    Being a Zentangler this one really intrigues me.
    Great Job Teach!

  5. Wow! Love your zentangle!


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