Thursday, April 03, 2014

Hand decorated gift wrap

I decided that the gift I created for my god daughter needed some special gift wrap so I created some. She is a crafty person so I know that she will see the value in reusing the beautiful paper in her creations!!
I started with a piece of white heavy weight paper, used the items on the left - a piece of plastic canvas, some mesh, a swirly tile and a piece of white wax crayon  - to created some texture on my paper.  I simply place my item under the paper and rubbed my crayon (laying on its side) over the paper.  Just moved things around and kept rubbing until I had covered the majority of the surface area.
 You can see here with my paper at an angle the wax which has been applied to the paper.  You cannot see it unless you look against the light.  I love doing wax resist!!
So next I applied some colour washes in yellow and red until all the surface was covered and I liked the play between the two colours.  It left it to dry and used my left over acrylic paint to play on several other pieces of paper which will become decorative paper I will use in a another project.  Nothing goes to waste!!
Here you can see a section of the paper I created.  The white wax has resisted the colour and creates texture and design on the surface of the paper!  I have taken digital photos of my paper which I can use later for printing,in digital collages or mixed media artwork.  It is your work so why not record and use your own work in your art.

Very happy with this and I am off to wrap my gift!!


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