Saturday, February 11, 2017

A few more cards made with used card fronts

 Here are a few more cards I created with used cards that were donated to me.   The first was a larger card so I had to carefully trim to keep the essentials elements  - flowers, greeting and swirls.  I added two transparent flowers that nicely highlighted the flower theme and added a bit of dimension to the card front.  I glued this element to a pink card.  Done!!  The next card was really easy - I trimmed the front off the back and trimmed edges very slightly then mounted to a purple card.  That was enought.  Reusing card fronts can be quick! 

This garden themed card was quite larger so I trimmed out the center element.  I had to cut close to the image at the top to eliminate the greeting which was quite large and would have made the whole element too large for an A2 card but it did throw off the proportion so I punched both the top and bottom edges and layered green cardstock in behind to make the element the size I needed then glued this whole element to the front of a pink card.  I added a laser printed greeting punchie layered onto a label punchie (SU) near the bottom to finish this one off.  The border punching and layering added a bit of texture and the greeting is adhered with 3D foam tape which helps to add dimension.  
The last card was smaller than all the rest and needed some layering to make an A2 sized card.  To get the main image to be the right size I trimmed off a strip from the bottom and reattached it with tape.  I added the green ribbon across to hid the gap I had created.  Perfect!  I layered this element onto a brown layer to coordinate with the greeting and then onto an off white card to coordinate with the main colour of the image.  The focal element is actually letter pressed so there is texture in the flower and the greeting.  It did not need anything more.  Sometimes, reusing cards requires more time because you have to figure out sizing or colour matching issues that are more easily solved when you choose all the elements of a card.  I have enjoyed making these cards.  There will be more as time permits.    Thereses

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