Thursday, February 09, 2017

Reusing a card front to make a card

 I have had a variety of used cards donated to me to reuse so I went through to see what I could find that could easily be translated into new cards.  This little dragonfly notecard was the perfect size for reusing to make an A2 sized card.  Just cut the back off and I had a card front.  I wanted to embellish it a bit and felt it needed some texture so I used some Dimensional Magic to highlight the two large dragonflies and the dots.  As you can see on the closeup - the clear dimensional paint cracked a bit.  I expect it was when I added weight to the surrounding areas when I saw that the paper was warping so if you are going to try this weigh your paper at the very beginning which will allow the paint to dry on the flat paper.  I used punches to weigh it down around the wet dragonflies.  It is what it is!! After the paint was dry I added faux stitching all the way around with a deep purple fine tip marker and added a trimmed laser printed vellum greeting near the bottom gluing both ends to the back of the layer.  I glued this whole element to a purple card front.  Pretty happy with how it turned out!!  Reusing cards is a good way to get started in cardmaking and allows beautiful cards to have a second life!!

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