Monday, March 26, 2007

Faux Leather

Faux Leather!! This is a technique I have been doing for quite a while but just recently taught a class with it and several faux leather techniques. I use Plaid Glaze Vernis so on the weekend when I was into Michael's I inquired about the availability. They no longer carry them. I will have to find another source or consider developing my own glazes. I think that I could certainly use neutral glaze and add acrylic paint, tube watercolour, ink, etc to it to make up the colours I would need for my paper. I will have to do some research, see what my options are and do a little playing to see what works the best. I have developed this technique from an article in one of the Somerset Gallery issues. I really like the look of this paper and it works so well for covering books and frames. Here I have used it as a background paper - very similar to a card I made for my last cardmaking session.

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