Monday, March 26, 2007

A group of my friends and I are going to swap silk hydrangea flowers in April. I have posted these just to give everyone an idea of the colour options available in these cool little flowers. I have bought the purple ones in the top left hand corner. This bunch had a variety of colours from light lavendar to a darker more warm purple and even some with a greenish hue. The lower left hand corner is what Susan has bought to swap - a nice warm yellow with some orange ones mixed in. The purple, pink blue and green ones are those Catherine has for swapping. I am looking forward to swapping!! I really like the detail in these flowers and they are generally a good size for cards - less than 2". It will be fun to see what colours the others will have picked to swap. We are packaging them in small ziplocs and swapping 10 for 10. Michaels has a wide variety of colours, sizes and textures of hydrangea silk flowers and quite a few of them are on sale - 50% off this week until Friday!!
Celebrating spring!!

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