Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Art - card holder

I created the template for this little card holder a while back and thought I had already uploaded it to my blog but checked last night and alas I had not!! So here it is!!
I created the template and printed it on the back of scrapbooking cardstock. Once printed, it is just a matter of scoring all the lines, folding them, making four cuts and applying two pieces of double sided tape and assembling the little box!! There is enough space at the top to accomodate a variety of closures. On this one I just punched the two top pieces with oval punch (SU) and added a ribbon to keep it closed. You could punch two smaller holes and thread in ribbon, twine or fibers. You could cut one shorter and fold the other one over it and add a magnet or velcro as the closure, All sorts of options!!
It holds 4 (or more) standard A2 sized cards with their envelopes and makes a wonderful presentation for anyone wanting to gift cards as gifts!! With Christmas on the horizon consider making your office coworkers, neighbours, girl friends, elderly family members, etc some handmade cards as gifts! You will have a great time making them and they will be proud to be sending them to their friends!!


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