Friday, February 19, 2010

Cardmaking - Feb - Yo Yo card

Yo Yo s!! These used to be popular years ago and here they are again!! We created these from a 4" circle of fabric which was basted all the way around the edge. Draw the top basting thread - be sure not to draw on the bottom one as well as it will cause problems and will not gather properly. Continue to draw on the thread and create gathers until you have a tight center then tie both ends of top thread together. Be careful not to pull the thread right out!! We just flattened the gathering to create the yoyo! Used several punchies (1/2" and 1") to cover the threads and cut edges in the middle in the front, added a punchie on the back to make it easier to attach to our scallop and held it all together with a brad. Added a decorative edge to our strip and layered it onto the front of our card with our trimmed embossed layer (CB).
It is nice to add some handmade accents to your cards and this would be great for any time you have used fabric to create a gift. You can use a scrap to make a yo yo for the card!! Really helps to personalize the greetings you are giving with the gift.


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