Monday, August 26, 2013

Handmade paper

Our last day we made some handmade paper!!  I had brought the paper pulp ready to go - blue and yellow.  We started with the blue and chose the additions from a variety I had brought along and made a few small sheets of paper (3.5" x 4.5").  We drained off the blue from the vat and added the yellow pulp to which we added a variety of paper napkins snippets and made a few more sheets.  We then added the left over blue pulp to the yellow we had in our vat and made the "green" ones.  They are not as green as we were expecting and certainly were looking quite unappetizing when they were wet.
Not sure what she will do with her sheets!!  I may see if I can make some Christmas cards with my blue ones because they have some nice gold scraps in them.  The yellow ones are nice and bright and lend themselves nicely to floral cards.  The "green" ones will need some creativity to turn them into cards.  They may get a wash of colour to help them along at some point!!

A week of fun and creativity!!


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