Sunday, August 25, 2013

Quilted Christmas cards

Another set of Christmas cards I made when my sister was visiting!!  I was thinking Christmas trees when I came up with this cutting design but did not fully appreciate that more balance was needed between the two colours for all of the green ones to look like trees though it was serendipity that the blue ones looked like mountains and that worked just as well with my design.  I layered two different blue decorative papers and two different green decorative papers over each other (4" x 5.25"), held them together with bull clips on the edges and started making cuts - seven in all - using my paper cutter.  This is called "Stack and Whack" in the quilting world. With all the pieces in stacks I started creating individual layers - like a puzzle - using the different coloured layers. Once I had pieced together the four layers I glued them to red quarter sheets of cardstock by putting just a small amount of glue in the middle of each of the pieces and then used my sewing machine with white thread to sew all of them to the red layers.  I also sewed around the outside edge.  Glue and sewing needles do not mix well which is why I only glued the pieces in the centers to avoid having to stitch through glue. I found the laser printed greetings in my stash, layered them to red and then to my decorative stitched layers.  I trimmed the red edges close and then glued the mountain ones to blue cardstock and the tree ones to green card fronts.  I have another stack of decorative papers which I will cut with a different pattern to give me four more cards.
This design works well with 12x12 decorative papers because you are cutting your layers to 4 inches. Really love the graphic quality of these cards!!


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