Sunday, April 02, 2017

All Occasion Stack Class - handmade paper

I just taught a cardmaking class featuring all occasion cards as a fundraiser!!  The two classes went very well and I had some very creative participants who were not at all afraid to do their own thing so there was a wide variety of cards produced from the kits I prepared.  It is one of the very best things about teaching is that others will create with the supplies you provide things you would never have thought of doing!!  So much fun!!!
For this set of cards I decided to continue the theme I started with my middle of the week class and feature my own handmade paper.  
 So I trimmed down my handmade paper to 4" x 5.25" and glued it down with a generous layer of regular glue to a neutral card - white or ivory.  Handmade paper is very textured and requires a substantial amount of glue to be effective.  I die cut two different borders for the cards using a large Sizzix die.  You can see one of on these cards.  The other was a little zigzag.  The borders were glued to the cards using regular glue.  The large focal elements were layered & glued if need be and then glued over the border.  The little coordinating laser printed greeting punchies (SU) were also glued in place.
The cards really need some pressing to ensure a good adhesion of all the layers so I recommended that they be set  under weight when they got them home.
I created several focal elements - hearts, flowers, leaves and butterflies which were cut from coordinating handmade paper.  The flower were embellished die cut centers, the hearts had an extra little heart cut from cardstock, the butteflies had tied cording which created a body and antennae and the leaves had knotted twine as an accent.
I really love handmade paper and am glad that I decided to check out the papers I had in my boxes.  I will continue to feature handmade paper on my cards as time goes on!!!  Will consider making more this summer when the weather outside is warm and sunny and the sheets can dry outside.

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