Monday, August 27, 2007

My Canadian Card Exchange cards for August were these two rose collage cards! The rose on the lower left hand side is made of paper! I found it on one of my trips downtown and took it apart! The paper it is layered on is a white paper napkin I used to clean up a brush I was painting with and colours were so nice I decided to keep it. The large rose images are stickers I found at a $1 store that I thought would work perfectly with the paper roses and the coloured paper napkin.

The card base was stamped with a script stamp and then stippled with Memories ink. The old music sheet was stained with walnut ink and stippled with Memories through a scroll stencil. Collage is a process. It took a little while before all the elements worked together. I layered two punched flowers onto the paper roses and attached them to the card with an antique gold brad.

I am very happy with the way these two cards turned out!! I often keep an eye out for items that will work with others I have at home and try to buy only when I really like something or it "speaks" to me. I will often find items coming together that were not purchased together or even with either one of them in mind. It is best to be open to the creative process and let it lead you!!


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