Sunday, October 14, 2007

A bit of a change in colours for this one!! Created the flower and printed it on the back of the decorative paper so each person could cut out their own. The center is a 1" punched shape. The front flap of the white card had a pencil line (plate) on it to be cut out as well. I added a coordinating layer of cardstock to the inside which only covered 3/4 of the inside and had shapes punched out of it. I used a corner rounder on the bottom to keep with the circular theme. Used the Slot punch to make a slot at the bottom so the front could be tucked in and added a little flower punchie!! I was happy with how the flowers turned out considering they were printed on the back and I did not have a really good idea of what the flowers were really going to look like once they were cut out. Some very pleasant surprises once they were all cut out and added to the cards!!


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