Sunday, October 14, 2007

This is my BH mingle page for October! I chose Gandhi as my theme. What a fascinating person! I really love the research aspect of this mingle. Helps to stretch the mind and become aware of more of the world. The background is actually a letter written by Ghandi which I got off the internet. The photos of him I also downloaded off the internet. A very prolific writer so there was a LOT to choose from to feature on this page. One of his acts of non violence and empowerment for his people was to encourage them to spin and weave their own clothing instead of supporting the British by buying textiles imported from Britian. It gave the poor suitable and affordable clothing, gave them pride in having made it themselves, for some, a means of supporting themselves and their families and a distinctive look all their own in the market place!! It reminded me that we vote every time we choose to spend our time and money on acquiring goods. We truly need to be more aware of what that product has cost - quite possibly sweat and tears and suffering - to be available to us here in this country at a low cost. Awareness and then a willingness to do something is what is required!! It is hard to challenge my addiction to the dollar stores!!!


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