Thursday, December 04, 2008

My Art - Cardmaking #2

Another relatively quick and easy card. The green layer is gift wrap - I bought a roll of it because I just love this colour! Layered on the twice stamped rectangle and then the ribbon which is tucked to the inside on both sided and kept in place with double sided tape. The embellishment consists of - pink scallop punchie, 1 3/8" green punchie, stamped in pink greeting punchie and a pink flower punchie. I used a push pin on a thick mousepad to make the holes in each scallop. I did add a bit of green stippling to the right hand side of the card to reduce the starkness of the white.

Just a note about punching thin paper. Sometimes it is difficult to punch thin papers so to help the process along do several layers at a time and place a regular bond paper scaps on both sides and the papers in between will punch perfectly!! Good for paper napkins, tissue and thin gift wrap.


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