Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Art - All Occasions class - Glitter paper

These were such fun to create!! I had wanted to use my glitter glues but when I dug them out they had dried somewhat and were quite thick and would not squeeze out nicely. I decided that I would make my own glitter paper with them so I dug out some fabric paint, acrylic paint and inks and got about making my own decorative paper. I used a foam tray as a palette and loaded on a variety of mediums as well as a blob of glitter to use on each sheet. I started with white cardstock and used a wet brush to help loosen my paints and make them more transparent. I just started painting on colour using the most vibrant first and toning down with the lighter colours. Along the way I added the glitter glue which also benefited from the extra water to help them spread nicely. Made several sheets of each colour. It can be a bit messy so it worth making a few extra sheets while you have all the tools and paints out. It is hard to see in the scans - these are shiny and glittery!!
Once they were dry I cut the 8.5"x11" sheets into quarters and embossed them with different embossing folders using my Cuttlebug. The embellishments are all different - round sequins on a string on the blue one, punched daisies with a brad on the turquoise one, punchies and a brad on the black one and punchies and a large sequin star with a brad on the red one!! Greetings can easily be layered onto these cards for any occasion. I thought that the black one would be good for a teenager who likes music!! The sequins on the blue one reminds me of jewelry or patio lights!!
I did forget to scan these before I used them as I have in the past to create my own digital art resources! Always good to have your own graphics to use when creating digitally!!
I hope these will provide you with inspiration to create your own decorative paper!!


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