Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Art - January Cardmaking

My January Cardmaking session was last night!! Had a good crowd and we had fun making cards!!
I wanted to present cards that give a little more than the usual. This one features a heart magnet!! I removed the covering from several "advertising" sheet magnets I have collected over the years and glued paper over them. I used my Cuttlebug heart dies - the largest in the set of four - to cut out the magnets using my little SideKick. Could have used my Cuttlebug but the available space on my desk was VERY limited so the SideKick fit much better. I hot glued a 5/8" metal disk - bought at a thrift store years ago - to the cardstock and added the magnet. You could use any ferrous metal - tin can or flashing to do the same. Just cut a small square with tin snips. The other hearts I cut out of decorative paper - mostly papers that I have decorated myself. The green ones are polished stone and the bottom ones are from a page from a travel magazine. The photo was of a woman in a cave and featured some very wonderful yellows, reds and browns!! I glued the page to cardstock and then cut out the hearts!! Made very "arty" looking hearts for my cards!! Just what I wanted.
Whoever receives this card will be able to put the little heart on the fridge and be reminded of you often!! Just a little some extra!!

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