Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Art - January Cardmaking

Have always wanted to teach a shaker card to my cardmaking group but the challenge was always how to create the shakers in class - sticky tape, beads and confetti - had potential for not going so well!! Yesterday, I decided to create shakers ahead of time which made the whole process so easy!! Here is how I created the shakers:

- Stamped the frame image on a piece of paper
- Laid over a piece of acetate - over head transparency cut to size
- Taped the corners to keep it in place
- Added double sided foam tape so it would be hidden by the frame
making sure that there were NO gaps where items could escape
- Added about 1/2 teaspoon of "shaker" - glass beads & confetti - how much depends on the thickness of your foam tape - double up if you need more space
- Removed the protective paper from the foam tape
- Placed another piece of acetate over top
- Press to seal nicely

These worked so well. We used double sided tape to attach the trimmed frame to the trimmed shaker and then to attach it to the next layer. I stamped a greeting on this layer so it would be visible through the shaker!! So cool and I think a little shaker action makes a card really fun for kids of all ages!! So give shaker cards a try!! They do add a little pizzazz to your cardmaking. Consider interesting "shaker" items - seed beads, glass beads, confetti, punched shapes, seeds, grains, sequins, etc. Make them large or small. Change up your frame to suit the recipient and the occasion - a bag, a box, a gift, a heart, a snow globe, etc.

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